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Talks in Conferences : R-parity Violation

1 Feb. 2010 Defense for Master's Degree "R-Parity and Cosmological Constraints"

A defense talk based on the magisterial thesis. This talk is mainly focused on my previous work, where we explicitly obtain the "wash-out" cosmological constraints on the R-parity violating couplings under lepton flavor violations.

20 Feb. 2010 KEK-PH 2010 "Cosmological Constraints on R-Parity violating SUSY under Lepton Flavor Violation"

My first conference talk given in KEK-PH 2010. Based on my previous work.

8 Aug. 2010 YONUPA Summer School "Phenomenology of R-Parity violating SUSY"

The talk I did at YONUPA Summer School in Japanese. As the main audiences are master course students, I started from very basic review of the R-parity violating SUSY.

4 Oct. 2010 Bethe Center Workshop "Cosmological Constraints on R-Parity violating SUSY"

The talk I did abroad for the first time. The theme is the same as the KEK-PH talk, but I was really nervous and spoke too fast.

Related paper: Magisterial Thesis "Supersymmetry without R-Parity: Its Phenomenology"

Related paper: [arXiv:0912.0585] "Lepton Flavor Violation and Cosmological Constraints on R-parity Violation"

Slides: 修論審査(東京大学)

Slides: KEK-PH 2010

Slides: 原子核三者若手 夏の学校 2010

Slides: 2nd Bethe Center Workshop

Talks in Conferences : Top Forward-Backward Asymmetry

13 Aug. 2011 SI2011-ph "Top Forward-Backward Asymmetry and Di-jet Cross Section in LHC"

In poster session. I talked the Tevatron anomaly along with my ongoing work. The poster session was for 2 hours and I'd got exhausted...

Related paper: [arXiv:1110.0014] "LHC Dijet Signals in New Physics Models for Top Forward–Backward Asymmetry"

Slides: to be uploaded

Talks in Conferences : Long-lived stau at the LHC

20 Aug. 2011 YONUPA Summer School "Long-lived stau might be Detected in the LHC"

A talk for master course students. I will talk about basic part (i.e. essential part) of my work. This talk was only for 10 min. and so I just introduced the ATLAS detector in the LHC and explained that the stau might be long-lived. It seemed well-done, as the audience looked enjoying my talk.

7-8 Sep. 2011 School on Monte Carlo Tools for LHC "In-flight-decay of Stau in the LHC Tracker"

In poster session. Professional version of the previous YONUPA talk introducing my KINK paper. As prepared for a school on Monte Carlo Tools, this poster is oriented to experimentalists and phenomenology-researchers, and a section is devoted to the Monte Carlo system used in the analysis. (Please overlook a fault in the title...)

16 Jan. 2012 Seminar at Bonn University "Long-Lived stau Signature in the LHC"

I was given an opportunity to have a seminar in Bonn University. It was (unluckily?) my very first seminar; quite difficult was it to pick up what I should tell in a 60 min. talk!

I am afraid it was rather too basic, especially for the people in the group... Anyway it was good at least that I can believe they understand the contents.

30 Jan. 2012 Seminar at DESY "Long-Lived stau Signature in the LHC"

On the journey in Deutschland as well as the previous seminar; at DESY.

The audience seemed to be enjoying my seminar; perhaps what is important in a seminar is "余裕" or inner reserves of strength. Kindly Dr. Masano gave me a comment after the seminar.

27 Feb. 2012 KEK-PH 2012 "Long-Lived Stau Kink Signature at the LHC"

The same topic as the previous talks, but here I changed the whole story so that the audience should figure it out easily in a (only!) 15 min. talk.

It is very very difficult for me to give a talk in 15 min.; I always lose the inner reserves of strength and speak too fast....

A researcher in the ATLAS collaboration gave me a question, which made me happy. :)

Related paper: [arXiv:1103.1881] "Stau Kinks at the LHC"

Slides: 原子核三者若手 夏の学校 2011

Poster: IPMU–YITP School on Monte Carlo Tools for LHC

Slides: Universität Bonn

Slides: DESY

Slides: KEK-PH 2012

125 GeV Higgs and TeV Scale SUSY --- especially concerning about the muon \(g-2\) anomaly

2012/04/19,20 Seminars at Niigata University & University of Toyama "125 GeV, Higgs, tension between them"

I was invited by a HEP group in Niigata to have a seminar talk there, and also invited by a group in Toyama the next day. So I did some Hokuriku-tour, and talked based on the same slides.

This talk was a more generic version of my conference talks about the Vector-like Quark Extension model. We tried to find ways to realize both a 125 GeV Higgs boson and the SUSY explanation of the muon \(g-2\) anomaly with extending the MSSM, andwe had managed to find two types of extensions, i.e. with vector-like quarks and with an extra U(1) gauge symmetry.

I had two exactly same talks, but the responses from the audiences were quite different ones. I was really surprised the divergence.

Related paper: [arXiv:1108.3071] "Higgs Mass and Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in Supersymmetric Models with Vector-Like Matters"

Related paper: [arXiv:1112.5653] "Higgs mass, muon g-2, and LHC prospects in gauge mediation models with vector-like matters"

Related paper: [arXiv:1112.6412] "Higgs mass and muon anomalous magnetic moment in the U(1) extended MSSM"

Related paper: [arXiv:1202.2751] "Vacuum Stability Bound on Extended GMSB Models"

Slides: 新潟大学・富山大学

Talks in Conferences : 125 GeV Higgs + muon \(g-2\) --> Vector-like quark

18 Feb. 2012 Physics opportunities with LHC at 7TeV "Muon g-2 anomaly and 125 GeV Higgs : Extra vector-like quark and LHC prospects"

This talk is about one of our work which realizes a simulatneous explanation of the 125 GeV Higgs and the muon g-2 anomaly within the framework of the GMSB or the CMSSM especially for collider physicists.

I was nervous because this talk was the last talk in the conference and I expected a tired audience. However an eye-catch really clicked them, and I can talk with relaxing. It also gave me reservation that I was given 30 minutes for the talk.

It was successful; many came to me to give questions after the talk, and one even gave me the words "I liked your talk!"

20 Feb. 2012 TOYAMA in Winter 2012, Phenomenology and Cosmology Workshop "Higgs Mass and Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in Supersymmetric Models with Vector-Like Matters"

Two days after the previous talk I did the same talk at Toyama. This was for 25 min., 5 min shorter than the previous one.

I was not relaxing because the co-authors (including my supervisor!!) sat on the audience seat...! I should have practiced well for the 5 min. reduction...

9 Mar. 2012 Sapporo Winter-School 2012 "g-2 and 125GeV Higgs"

This is a school on neutrinos, and all the speakers but I gave talks about neutrinos; I was aggressive (or empty-headed) enough to have a talk about the Higgs boson, the muon and the SUSY. Also it astonished me that this short talk is for 60 min.! I realized this fact at the dormitory of KEK during KEK-PH conference, and got panicked.

Anyway, perhaps as the common language was Japanese, I could finish the talk peacefully... Surely it was somewhat in the wrong place, but a professor kindly gave me the comment that he did not know we have 3.3 sigma discrepancy on the muon g-2, which gave me a relief.

15 Mar. 2012 GUT 2012 "Muon g-2 anomaly and 125 GeV Higgs : Extra vector-like quark and LHC prospects"

The last talk among the 8 talks I gave during these 3 months. ...Congrats! I've done the all!

As the conference focused on the GUTs, the audiences were residents in 1016 GeV, while my talk sat around 1000 GeV. So I rearranged and simplified the slides carefully so that the audiences who was not familiar with such energy-scale physics can understand my talk clearly (and to reduce more 5 min.; it was 20 min. talk).

It was my 4th talk about this topic; so I was rather relaxed. I thought, as the message and the story was rather simplified and enough attentions were directed, it was a better talk.

An article in proceedings is now published from AIP.

6 Aug. 2012 YONUPA Summer School "MSSM with Vector-like Quarks can explain 126 GeV Higgs"

A talk for master course students about the model with the vector-ike matters. I had to present vast knowledge in the introduction for the beginners, and I realy feel it was tough...

As the most basic talk about this model, the presentation material would be instructive (but it is written in Japanese).

Related paper: [arXiv:1108.3071] "Higgs Mass and Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment in Supersymmetric Models with Vector-Like Matters"

Related paper: [arXiv:1112.5653] "Higgs mass, muon g-2, and LHC prospects in gauge mediation models with vector-like matters"

Related paper: [arXiv:1202.2751] "Vacuum Stability Bound on Extended GMSB Models"

Slides: Physics opportunities with LHC at 7 TeV

Slides: 2012年冬の富山,素粒子宇宙論研究会

Slides: 札幌冬の学校 2012

Slides: GUT2012

Slides: 原子核三者若手 夏の学校 2012

Informal Lectures

8-10 Feb. 2012 Informal Lecture at Osaka University "about FeynArts/FormCalc/LoopTools/FeynRules"

This is an informal lecture course about automated calculation of Feynman diagrams (with loop), which was held in February 2012 at Osaka University in compliance with the request from Odakin, or Dr. Kin-ya Oda.

It was really a great honor for me; it was designed as 2.5 days lecture, and actually it took 16 hours. The materials are now available on the lecture page.

Lecture material: