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14 Jun. 2019 The University of Tokyo (seminar) PDF
“Dark matter with Second-stage annihilation”
29 May 2019 Eötvös Loránd University (seminar) PDF
“SUSY status at the LHC, focusing on muon g−2 anomaly and dark matter”
13 Dec. 2018 University of Warsaw (seminar) PDF
“MSSM in light of the muon g−2 anomaly and dark matter”
28 Nov. 2018 DISCRETE 2018 PDF
“MSSM4G scenario and Vectorlike lepton searches at the LHC”
22 Aug. 2018 Beyond Standard Model: Where do we go from here? PDF
“SUSY explanation of g−2 anomaly, explored at the LHC”

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