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31 Jan. 2018 Internal meeting of ATLAS SUSY WG (CERN) (seminar) PDF
“Collider Pheno of MSSM4G”
2 Nov. 2017 Tohoku University (seminar) PDF
“Long-lived charged particles at FCC-hh and FCC-he
25 Oct. 2017 Workshop on Beyond Standard Model and the Early Universe (invited talk) PDF
“Charm-tagging for new physics at the LHC”
18 Sep. 2017 National Taiwan University (seminar) PDF
“Long-lived charged particles at future hh and he colliders”
27 Aug. 2017 SI2017 PDF
“Long-Lived Charged Particles at FCC-hh and FCC-he

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Korea Univesrity [seminar]
Aug. 12‒17
SI2018 (undecided...)Tianjin