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Sho Iwamoto (岩本 祥), Postdoctoral researcher at the Technion [Curriculum Vitae] [Publications]
HEP-PH; collider physics, SUSY phenomenology, etc.


1608.00283 Heavy bino dark matter and collider signals in the MSSM with vectorlike fourth-generation particles
1606.00947 Physics at a 100 TeV pp collider: beyond the Standard Model phenomena (in report)
1604.07776 Diphoton signals from colorless hidden quarkonia
1603.02637 LHC benchmarks from flavored gauge mediation
1505.02996 Long-lived sleptons at the LHC and a 100 TeV proton collider

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18 Oct. 2016

Search for New Physics through the Higgs Boson slides

"BSM at Colliders"

11 Oct. 2016

Yonsei University slides

"Lecture course "Tools for BSM Physics""

20 Sep. 2016

The University of Tokyo slides

"MSSM4G scenario"

15 Sep. 2016

Osaka University slides

"MSSM4G scenario"

24 Aug. 2016

Effective Field Theories as Discovery Tools slides

"Gauge mediation with flavor violation"

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Attending Conferences

Aug. 22-09Effective Field Theories as Discovery Tools @MITP[talk] link
Sep. 13-16VISIT @Osaka University[seminar]
Sep. 20-21VISIT @The University of Tokyo[seminar]
Oct. 11-14VISIT @Yonsei University[lecture]

Attended Conferences


Hello! I'm Sho Iwamoto [岩本 祥], a PostDoc at Technion in Haifa, Israel.

I am interested mainly in the LHC experiment, Supersymmetry, Dark Matter astrophysics, and Early Cosmology.


AddressPhysics department, Technion
Technion city, IL-32000 Haifa, ISRAEL
E-mailsho &a&t& (please replace "&a&t&" to "@")