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This package and the bots are discontinued since Twitter suddenly banned the accounts in March 2019. Thanks for your interests (and all the fish) since June 2012!

The not-yet-banned accounts will be continued until being exiled or hitting crucial problems.


arXiv@Twitter bots daily tweet the new submissions on arXiv.

Now the following four bots for the High-Energy Physics categories are available.


The source code is public on GitHub. I welcome Fork and Pull Requests.


When do the tweets appear?
10-60 minutes after the daily update of arXiv/new.
I want you to support other categories such as math or astro-ph.
I am sorry but I would like to concentrate on the HEP categories. Instead, the source code is shared on GitHub. I would like you to fork and clone a new speaker for the other categories.

One more thing…

This is a special bookmarklet that I use. Drag the following link to your Bookmark-bar and execute it on some page in arXiv!

Drag this link -> [arXiv Special]

… or you can use the following command with cut & paste by hand.