Diary - 2014年12月

I had a dream the last night. I went to the supermarket שופרסל which I often go, and went back to home. Then I realized that I had forgot to buy orange juice, my favorite, and also that to go to a store שופר סטוף to buy a tray. I decided to go to buy on foot, not by bicycle. Then I woke from the dream.

I had another dream the last night. I was in 原宿 with the guys in an Internet chat room, with whom I keep contacting, and I was parting from the guys to buy "マリオンクレープ", a famous crepe store. Then I woke from the dream.

Now I am having dreams of my life in ישראל, חיפה, as well as in 東京.

Another 15 days have past since the last article. You know that my life in חיפה becomes now a usual days.

I came back from תל–אביב, a conference, on 17th. Then I had a cold, or it might be flu, with a high fever of 38.5℃. I was really bad, and was just sleeping for three days until the Friday.

Then I know how human lives. I saw neighbours coming back to their rooms, said hello, and told I was sick as a reply to "how are you". Then I went back to the room. After several hours, they knocked on my room, and I received a pot of chicken soup.

It was the second soup that I received. One day before, I had a phone-call from the landlord; "how are you", and I told I was sick. He made me for a pot of soup with vegetables and spaghetti.

I learned how human lives. When I saw a sick person in 東京, I was asking them "do you need help?". They always refuse. But life can be more interesting if I can be more aggressive, even though they feel I am pushy.

I came back to my business on the next Monday, 24th. It was really hard to catch up with the יברית class because I missed three classes for the conference and the flu, but anyway I did catch up.

These days I am cooking curry rice (Japanese style). I bought several kind of spices, and mix them. Beef, onion, and a huge bunch of ginger and garlic. Put flour to thicken the soup. I cook rice with a pot, which is not a simple job compared to that with designated machines, rice cookers, but the rice I cook is getting better and better. I have never cooked rice with a pot, and even not with a rice cooker for several years, but in this country I do. Funny, but things go like that. I noticed that, though, rice cookers are over performance for one person's. I should cook rice with pots even in Japan.

To learn a language and to cook my dinner are good leisure activities for me, because I can make constant progress in them. You know, doing researches is not a simple job; things go back and forth, and I cannot expect such constant progress. Now I can cook rice with a pot!


A week starts on Sunday. I these days get up around 8am. Then I have breakfast, play the piano a bit, and do the Radio Calisthenics. Then go to the office, buying a cup of cappuccino (hafukh?).

Around noon we go to cafeteria to have lunch. Around 3pm we automatically want a break, and go to the cafeteria again to have some coffee or tea. My office-mate these days has herbal tea; I these days prefer hot chocolate with כצת (a little) coffee.

Then I come back home around 6pm, depending on the day. This Sunday I came back around 8pm, and have curry-pasta, a pot of which I cooked last Thursday, to finish the pot.

Monday I had a עברית class. I am now getting used to read and write עברית. I got very tired the day, for I worked hard and then learned עברית hard. So, although I was going to cook some aglio e olio, I did not and just went to a הומוס place and had הומוס with beef.

Tuesday I went to have my hair cut. My office-mate had told me that the neighbourhood I live, זיו, has a barber. The barber is an Italian guy, and very nice. I will go to the barber again, but also I want to try to go some hair salon, which should cost much more, just for fun and experience.

Yesterday and today I cooked aglio e olio for the first time in my life. Of course terrible yet. I theoretically understand the concept of emulsification, but to emulsify the oil on the pan is very difficult. I will try again. Anyway noodle with salt, oil, and garlic is always tasty, which is a very important theorem that ラーメン二郎 proved.

Oh, and I have to note that I received the packages I sent two month ago from Japan. One arrived the last Wednesday, another the last Thursday, and the last one on this Monday. The last one is terribly broken, and some books are wet and got mouldy. I guess some books are even lost into the Red Ocean. But I was luckier, because the books got wet and those I cannot find now are still available on stores (in Japan). I sent several books I cannot buy anymore, and I got them. Anyway I for the next time will buy, and you should buy, a very strong boxes, or use surface-air-lifted service.

Yesterday I got up around 8am. Then played the piano for a while, and went to the office.

I had a meeting from 1:30pm, and I was going to finish a Monte Carlo simulation before that. So the simulation should be done during the lunch time. However I find a problem in my simulation system; so I could not join lunch. Anyway the discussion was fruitful. Good.

Then I attended עברית class, and went to a meat market and a supermarket, and made curry again. I always put too much water in curry pot...

Today was holiday. I did daradara in the morning, i.e., consumed the morning for doodling. I cooked aglio e olio again, but still do not understand the concept of emulsification well.

In the afternoon until now, 1am, I did some work. I found one bug in my simulation code, and now I have no inconsistency. Everything is clear.

Dinner was the curry with rice.

In the last winter I was writing the documents for postdoc applications. At that point I wanted to leave Japan, but it was primarily because to have new experiences in abroad. I was also concern about 特定秘密保護法, or worried the warnings by Gamayauber, but I suppose I did not so hurry.

It was until the prime minister's visit to 靖国神社 in December 2013, and then I was caught in a rush.

Even if it passes 80 years, students learn history. They struggle with the enormous amount of topics to memorize, as we did. What will they think was the turning point, or the beginning of this era?

It would be the reinterpretation of the Constitution in July 2014.

Now I can look back my diary articles in those days. In December 2013 I described it as 実体上の問題, or a practical problem. Then I uploaded an article filled with despair on the midnight of 2014, writing in 31st Dec with seeing the last sunset from 常磐線, going to a year-end party, and then I saw the first sunrise with them. I remember I had a feeling of impatience, or "焦っていた", in those days; i.e., between 26th Dec and the middle of January, when I offered from the current institute.

In July 2014 I noted, there I had abandoned Japanese as an expressional language, "I really hope that I do not have anything to do with it so that I do not need to give thoughts to the news". I did not write explicitly in the article, but at that point I was going to exodus the country and therefore I could hope I would not be affected so much by the news.

Today I know Ryu Yanagisawa moved to 秋田県, leaving 東京, who I think is very gentle, so gentle that I fear he could be easily affected by some deceptive thoughts or groups. The news once made me happy, for I know he will do many good thing in the country side, or that his ability will work especially in such places that people still have tight relationship among them. But then suddenly I felt sad, for Gamayauber wrote, which I agreed, that it is the best for us to leave the country in order to live our good lives.

I am realising what Gamay told us in these days in this city, חיפה in ישראל. After I left Japan I am aware that we should exodus the country. It makes me sad, because, as even I could not understand what he said until I left the Japan, nobody, especially young people in their 20s, including Ryu, my friends, and you, cannot understand Gamay's warnings as long as they are in Japan, and they are going to be caught in that country.

おもしろい e-mail が届いたので晒します。

岩本 祥 様








I am really frustrated by their threatens and was going to ignore the mail, but kindly I replied as follows:


I did submit and sent to you by postal mail the exactly form when I quitted the fellowship.



> また,本調査にご協力いただけない場合,今後採用証明書等の発行が 必要となった場合,即座にご対応できない可能性もございます。


End of 2014

In the last article I wrote I wanted to buy חנכיה, but at that time, midst חנכה, I could only find expensive ones, and finally did not buy. I will buy much cheaper one for the next year's.

The end of חנכה we had a חנכה party for international postdocs, where I learned some traditional songs. It was with pretty fun.

I went to ירושלים for a small meeting on 24th, the eve of Xmas. After that I went for sightseeing, and Ναός της Αναστάσεως (I wonder which language I should use...). It was very big, gorgeous, and complicated; I saw many languages I can and cannot read. I did not understand the structure, or "everything", and I want to go there again.

Then I had my iPhone stolen near the hotel I stayed, which locates in eastern Jerusalem (القدس الشرقية); I might left it on a table in a fast-food shop, or left it on the reception of the hotel, or the hotel person stole it. I paid much attention to my wallet and passport, but less to the iPhone; I suppose I should have tied it to my belt with, e.g., a fishing line. I tried to find it, but could not; it was very difficult to do everything without telephone, but I could go to a police station the next morning.

On the next day, Xmas, I went to بيت لحم, which was filled with tourists and like a festival. Saw the Church of the Nativity, but it was very difficult and annoying trip as was without mobile Internet connection, i.e., I have no information and I had to ask everything to other tourists and people.

Anyway I understand how bad the situation in فلسطي is. Now I cannot recommend sightseeing of ירושרים, or other eastern cities, to people. At least we should not stay in the hotel in the east side, and when people visit me I recommend them to reserve a hotel in תל–אביב; it is just one or two hour trip from תל–אביב.

The last weekend was consumed by iPhone restoration. First I tried to do private trade, i.e., tried to buy from a person, but unfortunately his is "fraudulent" one, though it was just ₪1400 and in perfect conditions, I could not buy it. There my friends, who are crazy in mobile phones, in Japan helped me a lot.

Finally I had to buy at a shop, which costs ₪2330, or $600... High tax and custom. I wanted to go back to Japan just to buy new one (and to replace the battery in my MacBookPro.)

On Monday I introduced a paper in journal club. It is informal journal club, and as it was very informal, with great fun.

Today, 大晦日 in Japan, my sister and brother went back to the hometown, and was with my parents; so I had a Skype phone call with them, celebrating the new year of Japan. The call was a video chat; when I was a child I thought TV-phone was just a dream, or fairytale, and that we would see in far future. Now it is realized; it is a triumph of our civilization. (Here, note that, what is important is that even my parents, who are rather old and in a very country-side town, have a tablet and can use Skype to do video chat. We could do, and I did, Skype video chat five, or precisely nine, years ago; but it was only for people like me, I mean, only for early adopters who had a computer, Internet connection, and a camera for the computer. But now, even my parents can enjoy the technology!)

Now 11pm in חיפה. Just an usual day, and also tomorrow is. I will go to office in morning with espresso, do work, join יברית class, and come back home.

Note: H25 leftover of tax-reduced expense: 791064, which counted in this year as bonus; tax for it is 48460. H26 leftover is 651600-165000 = 486600; this year's gross income (in Japan) is \3,558,264; H26 income tax is \98,475, and I already paid 108490; so I expect some amount of money will be back in the tax-adjustment...

Now I am in 2015; I will be 29 years old, the same age as ミサト, 加持, and リツコ in 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, in this 2015. In 1996 I thought they were very old and 2015 is a far far future, but finally I have come here. I got old.

I got old, which means that I will, in my coming years, see many people who I met pass away from this world. It is very sad, but I suppose it means that I am no longer a "children".