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Physics - Lecture about Automated Feynman-Diagram Calculation

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This page is for the informal lecture I did in February 2012 at Osaka University.

The lecture included the following contents:

I provide the materials used in the lecture on this page. You can download and use them freely (MIT license). The materials are designed so that you can learn the above features by yourself. (at least I hoped so...)

Also I would appreciate your invitation to give the lecture. See Information about Lecture below.

Download Packages

Lecture Materials

Get All at Once

Materials are maintained in GitHub repository misho104/FeynLecture.

Lecture Course

Installation Tips

As you know, you have to AppendTo[$Path, /the/directory/of/the/packages] to use FeynArts etc. You can use this $Path as the default configuration if you add these commands into the "initialization file" found in $HOME/.Mathematica/Kernel/init.m, $HOME/Library/Mathematica/Kernel/init.m, etc. (depending on the platform).

Actually I installed all the packages I use in $HOME/Documents/Mathematica/lib/, and wrote the following commands in init.m:

Global`$LibDirectory=FileNameJoin[{$HomeDirectory, "Documents", "Mathematica", "lib"}]
AppendTo[$Path, Global`$LibDirectory];
$Path = Join[$Path, Select[FileNames["*", Global`$LibDirectory], FileType[#] == Directory &]];

which add all the directories $HOME/Documents/Mathematica/lib/* into $Path.

Information about Lecture

This lecture was held in February 2012 at Osaka University with request from Odakin. It was designed as 2.5 days lecture, and actually it was a 16 hours course.

  1. Installation (set up) : 1-2 hours without Windows user (2-4 with Windows). It depends on participants' proficiency in shell.
  2. Automated Calculation : 8-10 hours, depending heavily on participants' proficiency in Mathematica.
  3. Implementing your model : 2 hours without actual model implementation; 4 hours if you want to implement a model during the course.
  4. Monte Carlo Simulation : 2 hours. If participant knows well about MadGraph 5, it will take only one hour.