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18 Oct. 2016

Search for New Physics through the Higgs Boson slides

"BSM at Colliders"

11 Oct. 2016

Yonsei University slides

"Lecture course "Tools for BSM Physics""

20 Sep. 2016

The University of Tokyo slides

"MSSM4G scenario"

15 Sep. 2016

Osaka University slides

"MSSM4G scenario"

24 Aug. 2016

Effective Field Theories as Discovery Tools slides

"Gauge mediation with flavor violation"

13 Dec. 2015

Israel Physical Society 61st annual meeting slides

"Long-lived sleptons at a 100 TeV pp collider (and at the 14 TeV LHC)"

02 Sep. 2015

University of California·Irvine slides

"Muon-(g-2);-SUSY and the LHC"

24 Aug. 2015

SUSY 2015 slides

"Long-lived sleptons at a 100 TeV pp collider (and at the 14 TeV LHC)"

17 Dec. 2014

Joint particle physics meeting (Tel Aviv U.) slides

"SUSY with light electroweakino"

25 Aug. 2014

SI2014 (phenomenology) slides

"CP-safe gravity mediation and muon g-2"

30 Jul. 2014

Progress of Particle Physics 2014 slides

"CP-safe gravity mediation and muon g-2"

22 Jul. 2014

ILC Summer Camp 2014 slides

"ILC measurement of SUSY muon g-2 (6 min. ver.)"

21 Jul. 2014

ILC Summer Camp 2014 slides

"ILC measurement of SUSY muon g-2"

13 Feb. 2014

BURI 2014 slides

"ILC capability of measuring SUSY-contribution to Muon-(g-2);"

07 Dec. 2013

ATLAS-Japan workshop slides

"Light SUSY is motivated by muon g-2 anomaly"

20 Nov. 2013

PASCOS 2013 slides

"AMS-02 results and decaying gravitino dark matter"

27 Aug. 2013

SUSY 2013 slides

"Muon g-2 vs LHC in supersymmetric models"

01 May 2013

Kavli IPMU slides

"SUSY (with explaining the muon g-2) at the LHC"

13 Feb. 2013

HPNP2013 slides

"LHC SUSY searches after the Higgs discovery: respecting the muon g-2"

08 Feb. 2013

Kyushu University slides

"SUSY at the LHC in presence of 126 GeV Higgs"

15 Jan. 2013

Dissertation Defense slides

"Supersymmetry after Higgs discovery and its LHC phenomenology"

06 Aug. 2012

YONUPA Summer School 2012 slides

"MSSM with Vector-like Quarks can explain 126 GeV Higgs"

19 Apr. 2012

Niigata University and University of Toyama slides

"125 GeV, SUSY, tension between them"

15 Mar. 2012

GUT2012 slides

"Muon g-2 anomaly & 125 GeV Higgs : Extra vector-like quark & LHC prospects"

09 Mar. 2012

Sapporo Winter School 2012 slides

"g-2 and 125 GeV Higgs"

27 Feb. 2012

KEK-PH 2012 slides

"Long-lived stau kink signature at the LHC"

20 Feb. 2012

Winter Toyama 2012, phenomenology & cosmology workshop slides

"Higgs Mass and Muon g-2 in Supersymmetric Models with Vector-Like Matters"

18 Feb. 2012

Physics opportunities with LHC at 7 TeV slides

"Muon g-2 anomaly & 125 GeV Higgs : Extra vector-like quark & LHC prospects"

08 Feb. 2012

Osaka University slides

"Automatic calculation of Feynman diagrams"

30 Jan. 2012

DESY slides

"Long-lived Stau signature in the LHC"

16 Jan. 2012

Universität Bonn slides

"Long-lived Stau signature in the LHC"

07 Sep. 2011

IPMU–YITP School on Monte Carlo Tools for LHC poster

"In-flight-decay of Stau in the LHC Tracker" (poster)

20 Aug. 2011

YONUPA Summer School 2011 slides

"Long-lived Stau might be Detected in the LHC"

13 Aug. 2011

SI2011 (phenomenology)

"Top Forward–Backward Asymmetry and Di-jet Cross Section in LHC" (poster)

04 Oct. 2010

2nd Bethe Center Workshop slides

"Cosmological Constraints on R-Parity violating SUSY"

27 Aug. 2010

Without vol.3 slides

"Success of Intelligence, or Let's Drink Beer!"

08 Aug. 2010

YONUPA Summer School 2010 slides

"Phenomenology of R-Parity violating SUSY"

13 Apr. 2010

Mare-bito House slides

"The Universe (as a Physicist)"

20 Feb. 2010

KEK-PH 2010 slides

"Cosmological Constraints on R-Parity violating SUSY under Lepton Flavor Violation"

01 Feb. 2010

Defense for Master's Degree slides

"R-Parity and Cosmological Constraints"

04 Dec. 2009JSPS Fellowship Screening Interview slides
08 Jun. 2009

Short Seminar in Hongo slides

"SUSY without R-Parity"

30 Mar. 2008

Generation-86 Graduation Work Exhibition slides

"Masses of SUSY particles and Density of Dark Matter"

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Attended Conferences

Conferences to go
Aug. 22-09Effective Field Theories as Discovery Tools @MITP[talk] link
Sep. 13-16VISIT @Osaka University[seminar]
Sep. 20-21VISIT @The University of Tokyo[seminar]
Oct. 11-14VISIT @Yonsei University[lecture]
Dec. 13IPS 61st annual meeting @Bar-Ilan University[talk] link
Aug. 30-19VISIT @UC Irvine[seminar] link
Aug. 23-29SUSY 2015 @Lake Tahoe[talk] link
May 28-01Beyond WIMPs —From Theory to Detection @HaGoshrim
Nov. 14-17Naturalness 2014 @Weizmann Institute
Aug. 21-28SI2014-ph @Fuji-Yoshida[talk] link
Jul. 28-01Progress of Particle Physics 2014 @YITP[talk] link
Jul. 19-22ILC Summer Camp 2014 @Kurayoshi[talk] link
May 04-15VISIT @TechnionAided by Y. Shadmi
Mar. 28-30JPS 2014 (69th) Annual Meeting @Tokai University
Mar. 25-26ATLAS-Japan workshop @The University of Tokyo
Feb. 13-14BURI 2014 @University of Toyama[talk] link
Dec. 07ATLAS-Japan workshop @The University of Tokyo[talk] link
Dec. 02-04SUSY: Model-building and Phenomenology @Kavli IPMU
Nov. 20-26PASCOS 2013 @NCU, Taipei[talk] link Aided by M. Ibe
Sep. 30-03KEK-PH 2013 Fall @KEK
Sep. 20-23JPS 2013 Autumn Meeting @Kochi University
Sep. 02-07VISIT @SISSA
Aug. 26-31SUSY 2013 @ICTP Trieste[talk] link
Aug. 21-23Pre SUSY 2013 @ICTP Trieste
Aug. 05-09Progress of Particle Physics 2013 @YITP
Jul. 16-19School on the Future of Collider Physics @Kavli IPMU<organizer>
May 23-25LHC-ATLAS workshop @Nagoya University
Mar. 26-29JPS 2013 (68th) Annual Meeting @Hiroshima UniversityAided by T. Yanagida
Mar. 19-25YITP Kitano Workshop 2013 @YITPAided by T. Yanagida
Mar. 04-07KEK-PH 2013 @KEK
Feb. 13-16Higgs as a Probe of New Physics 2013 @University of Toyama[talk] link
Feb. 08VISIT @Kyushu University[seminar] link
Sep. 18LHC-ATLAS workshop @The University of Tokyo
Aug. 19-24SI2012-ph @Sun-Moon Lake
Aug. 13-18SUSY 2012 @Peking University
Aug. 09-11PreSUSY 2012 @Peking University
Aug. 05-07YONUPA Summer School @Fuji-Yoshida[talk] link
Jul. 18-21Progress of Particle Physics 2012 @YITP
Jul. 11LHC-ATLAS workshop @The University of Tokyo
Apr. 20VISIT @University of Toyama[seminar] link
Apr. 19VISIT @Niigata University[seminar] link
Mar. 19-23YITP Kitano Workshop 2012 @YITPAided by T. Yanagida
Mar. 15-17GUT2012 @YITP[talk] link Aided by T. Yanagida
Mar. 08-10Sapporo Winter-School 2012 @Hokkaido University[talk] link
Feb. 27-01KEK-PH 2012 @KEK[talk] link
Feb. 20-21TOYAMA in Winter 2012, Phenomenology and Cosmology Workshop @University of Toyama[talk] link Aided by T. Yanagida
Feb. 16-18Physics opportunities with LHC at 7TeV @KEK[talk] link
Feb. 08-10VISIT @Osaka University[lecture] link
Jan. 23-03VISIT @DESY (Hamburg)[seminar] link
Jan. 16-20VISIT @Bonn University[seminar] link
Jan. 06-07LHC-ATLAS workshop @Kobe University
Dec. 05-08B workshop 2011 @Bandai-AtamiAided by M. Endo
Sep. 05-10School/Workshop on Monte Carlo Tools for LHC @YITP[poster] link
Aug. 22LHC-ATLAS workshop @The University of Tokyo
Aug. 19-21YONUPA Summer School @Shiga[talk] link
Aug. 12-18SI2011-ph @Fuji-Yoshida[poster]
May 31-02Focus week on Astrophysics of Dark Matter @Kavli IPMU
Apr. 07LHC-ATLAS workshop @The University of Tokyo
Jan. 10-175th Asian Winter School @Jeju islandAided by cQUeST, KIAS, 他.
Jan. 06-08Niigata Winter-Workshop 2011 @Echigo-YuzawaAided by N. Yokozaki
Dec. 03-04LHC-ATLAS workshop @The University of Tokyo
Nov. 09-11Mini Workshop on Neutrinos @Kavli IPMU
Oct. 11-15VISIT @Laboratoire de Physique Théorique d'Orsay
Oct. 04-082nd Bethe Center Workshop @Bad Honnef[talk] link
Sep. 26-01COSMO/CosPA 2010 @The University of Tokyo
Sep. 11-14JPS 2010 Autumn Meeting @Kyushu Institude of Technology
Aug. 12-19SI2010-ph @Fuji-Yoshida
Aug. 05-10YONUPA Summer School @Nagano[talk] link
Feb. 18-20KEK-PH 2010 @KEK[talk] link Aided by KEK
Aug. 26-29YONUPA Summer School @NaganoAided by E. Nakamura
Aug. 15-20SI2009-ph @Fuji-YoshidaAided by K. Hamaguchi
Mar. 16-20LHC focus week @Kavli IPMU
Mar. 03-06KEK-PH 2009 @KEKAided by KEK